Specialises Services

All of our services for admission process and then visa application process are also available individually:

  • Certifying documents

If you are applying for Australian universities by yourself, you still can benefit from our documents certifying services.

  • Paying application fees

If you have any problem regarding money transfer, Modat Institute can definitely help you paying your application fees.

  • Visa application charges

As you may know, the Australian immigration will no longer accept bank receipt of payment done in other countries. So you need to make the payment in Australia. Our representative in Australia will do all these jobs and you only need to pay us in IRR.

  • Accommodation services

Student recruitment Institute of Modat will offer you accommodation reservation services.

  • Australian Bank account

As a student you can have a bank account in an Australian bank. We will open an account for you before your arrival to Australia.

  • OSHC

As part of your visa application, you have to have an overseas student health cover. Modat will provide you with OSHC and you only need to pay in your local currency.

For more information please contact us.